The Zankou Brothers (zankou) wrote,
The Zankou Brothers

I'm so restless, I'm bored as a cat.

Every night at my parents house I'm trying to find someone to call late at night because I'm bored and no one lives around here. I still need to do something social every day, that will probably never end. I hope it doesn't, even though it's torture sometimes to be ready for anything and there's nothing to do. I heard the average adult laughs 6-8 times a day. The average child laughs hundreds of times a day. My dad has 107.1 The Peak on in the background and on the 10 at 10 they're playing 10 songs from 1994. So far it's "I only want to be with you" by Hootie and the Blowfish and "What would you say" by Dave Matthews Band. That's not really relevant, except that my students, the 4th graders, are the age I was when these songs were big. Still, that's not the point. That Bruce Springsteen song from the Philadelphia soundtrack just started. I think it's called "The Streets of Philadelphia." That was 1 of the 4 first CDs Brian and I ever got. I thing the others were I Saw the Sign by Ace of Bass, Dookie, by Green Day and "Smash" by the Offspring. Shortly after we got "Pocket full of Kryptonite."

Crockette Doob just called me. He used to play drums in Skeletonbreath and we became friends when General Miggs and Skeletonbreath went on tour in February. We talked for 17 minutes. Just what the doctor ordered. This is what I need. I'm lonely here.

Call me anytime. I'm bored: (914) 564 1597

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