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I try not to force it with LJ, because I would rather people read 5 good posts in a year than hundreds of boring ones. That said, I've decided to whip up a quick recap of my 2007. This way when I look back on this in a few years I will be a little more equipped to figure out my chronology (my memory suuuuucks).

Jan. 7th, morning, I turned in my 2 weeks notice at my first teaching job, along with a 4 page letter about how awful a person my principal is and how much money she owes me.

Jan. 7th, afternoon, my principal sat me down and convinced me that she'll get me my money, She also convinced me to stay at the job.

Jan. 21st, (exactly 2 weeks after I turned in my 2 weeks notice) I got fired with no warning, apology, explanation.

Also in January: NOATS recorded and released "An Eagle that Eats Monkeys" On Will Maloney's label Intellectual Bird Records.

February: General Miggs (a band I'm in) toured with Skeletonbreath (a band I'm not in). I became friends with said band, and it was about as positive as anything ever. It was just a constant good mood. I can't begin to explain, all the jokes are 15 times funnier, going to sleep is an adventure every night, and yer with 6 of the best dudes imaginable. It was just magical. Montreal was great, i've considered relocating NOATS there. When we got home I spent lots of time at NYU and started to work at a health food store on 13th st. btw 7th and 8th ave. This was a Yoga/ health food store and I interviewed with an old yogi named Manu and a young folk musician named Drew. We sat in a circle with our shoes off in a room called "AQUA." It was weird. I became a vegan first day of the job, which I had been planning for a while. I'm still vegan but I try not to talk about it because, in my experience, most vegans are dicks. (I'm now noticing that Safari spellcheck, much like most people, doesn't recognize the word vegan. ha.)

March: This may have been the month we started recording Suspicious Package with Geoff Duncanson. I spent every free moment trying to book NOATS summer tour. This continued for the next 5-6 months.

April: Kickball started. I become romantic with a kickball girl. That's the first time that happened since I fell in love with my best friend the previous summer.

May: My birthday, and many of my friends birthdays were in May. I don't remember any of them.

Summer: I spent the summer getting over the same person I spent the previous summer falling in love with. We're still very close, but we were both so busy, we couldn't hang out like the summer before, which I guess was for the best. She's very happy now with a long time lover who I really like a lot. Also, I broke things off with my kickball fling. She was more upset than I thought she would be, and I felt like a total asshole, because I didn't even think things had gotten to a level where a formal "break up" was even necessary. But what the fuck do I know?

Aug 1st: NOATS released "Suspicious Package." The release party was at Studio B (fucking weird place, black lights, smoke machines etc.) Skeletonbreath, Fiasco, General Miggs, and Old Table all played. NOATS did an 18 day/ 18 show tour with Old Table. There's way too much to say about that. It was probably the best time of my life. There will be a DVD documentary about it in 2008.

Aug 20th: Still on tour I got a phone call about a teaching job. I called back the next day, the day we got home, after a General Miggs sound check at the Mercury Lounge. I went in the day after and got the job: full time 3rd-5th grade general music/ chorus teacher at a public school in Westchester. This was to be a temporary leave replacement position.

September: The job started and I quickly become better at piano. (I'm still not good enough.) I started to fall in love with hundreds of wonderful children. I made one kid cry after she said that another student is "weird because he has black skin." Also, there was a NOATS at St Barts and I was worried that the whole scene had just gone to college. And yeah, there were lots of faces missing, but there were plenty of new ones in their place, reaffirming my belief that the Westchester Punk Scene will never die, it just regenerates each September. Wonderful.

October: I played World/Inferno for my 4th and 5th graders. I asked them "what do you think of when you hear the words 'punk band'?" They were shocked by the instruments, the women in the band, the talent, the way they dressed. They absolutely loved it, and still ask me to play more inferno for them all the time. On Halloween I dressed as Abe Lincoln because I had to be someone with a beard that every third grader knows about. I went to Hallowmass and had the best time ever. Whack played first and fucking killed it. Inferno blew me away.

November: NOATS started rehearsing again for literally the first time in years. We're working on some new songs that I like A LOT. Also I worked really hard on getting my zine Imitating Art together. I booked a show for the second time in my life. It was the day after Thnxgvng- Aaron Maine's record release show. It went swimmingly. Aaron's record changed my life.

December: I put on a few holiday concerts at my school. It was crazy. Have you ever dressed 50 something 5th graders in red clip on bow ties and had volunteer parent drivers take them to one of the local country clubs to perform for the Rotary Club? Cuz I have. I was told that the woman I'm replacing has decided to take the whole year off, so I have the job until June, and I have healthcare for the first time since I graduated from college. I finally released my zine and gave away 76 copies in a week. I gotta make more. Kristen Barry and I printed them at the NYU program Board office, the same place I printed Kristen's zine last year. (When making Kristen's zine I was caught trying to do it overnight and nearly arrested.) NOATS did a few shows this weekend that were dynamite. We started selling The Banned's old CDs on our merch table and moved 8 CDs already in just 2 shows!

All in all, NOATS is going great, MIGGS is gong great, I'm booking more shows, I wrote a zine, I got a great job, still no girl, but there are prospects and I think I'm ready, friendships are strong, I haven't forgotten that I might be an adult but I'm a minor at heart, I'm going bald and I don't care, i love you all.

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