The Zankou Brothers (zankou) wrote,
The Zankou Brothers

The average adult laughs 6-8 times a day, the average child laughs hundreds of times a day. (NPR)

(This was a response I wrote to a friend's post, I decided to share it.)

I saw really inspiring walt whitman documentary.

You know, I agree about the kid stuff. People are really crazy because they forget the joys of picking up something you see lying around and playing with it. That's what kids do when they have nothing to do. Adults just complain. Surrounding myself with 8-10 year olds has done me a lot of good. Have you thought about teaching? It can be taxing I guess, but I find it mostly inspiring. Almost all the other teachers are big time complainers, even if they're trying to say something positive it comes out as a complaint. "FINALLY! It's nice out, jesus christ!" I'm not as big a complainer, I'm more like the kids I think. I sit with them at lunch because the faculty lounge is depressing/ mind numbingly boring. When other teachers see me there with the kids at lunch they're like "Wow! you must have a lot of patience!" They couldn't be more wrong. It would take patience to sit around and listen to old at heart people complain all afternoon. Do you want to come to see the 5th grade play I directed? It's this Wed and Thurs night at 7:30 in Rye across the street from Rye Rec. It's Alice in Wonderland. Brian and Ann are probably going on Wednesday I think.
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