The Zankou Brothers (zankou) wrote,
The Zankou Brothers

I wish I wrote a journal this year

It's funny being a teacher. Really intense emotional things happen all the time, but you don't really understand how intense these things are until later. I was watching Yellow Submarine with my favorite 4th grade class 4C. There's this girl, Caroline who is very kind; she's a popular girl with an unbelievable personality, but she's a total sweetie to every single person in the school. She plays guitar pretty well, is kind of a spaz, and I really hope she becomes a punk. Anyway, we were watching the movie and I noticed that her 2 best friends had moved from their assigned spots on the risers and were holding her. She was crying. The three of them were looking at me when I noticed them and they quickly looked away, like "don't worry we can handle this." When kids move from their assigned seats I usually ask them to go back, but I let it slide. I tried not to bring any attention to them but I couldn't stop glancing, because I was concerned. Her friend Laura walked up to me and whispered, "She's crying because she doesn't want you to leave." (For those of you who don't know, I'm only a year long leave replacement at this job.) Laura suggested I sit next to her as we watch the movie. So I did. I made little jokes here and there and Caroline would laugh through the tears. We realized during the class that this would be our last class together because I have 5th grade graduation rehearsal next week. Then this girl Mallory was like "There's like 7 minutes left! Our last class can't be just watching a movie! Let's do Limbo or something!" I agreed. I stopped the movie and we did some limbo. A bunch of kids hugged me on the way out the door. Caroline was last out the door. She gave me a quick hug, didn't say a word. No one has ever, ever, been that broken up about me in any way, ever, in my life, but in the moment, my emotions were in total control, because I have this teacherly emotional responsibility. I will tell you this though, last day of school, I expect to use a few pounds in water weight from the tears.

After school their classroom teacher told me that a number of them were crying when they got back to the classroom. She said that they are working on a class play tomorrow from 9-9:30, which is a prep time for me (or a "free"). So I'm going to sit in and surprise them. I can't wait.


I was watching "HELP!" and there was a a tiger in it. A kid asked, "Is that a boy tiger or a girl tiger?" Another kid said, "All Tigers are girls and all Lions are boys." The first kid was like , "oooohhhh." I was like "NO! NO! That's not true!"

Another kid, Zack, said, "Did you know that JFK and Lincoln were killed on the same day? It was Lee Harvey Oswald! He killed em both!" I was like, "No, no way Zack." he was like "It's true, because Lincold was on his way IN to the theater, and JFK was on his way out!" I said, "No, those shootings were like 100 years apart from each other." He kept on arguing. It was awesome.
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