The Zankou Brothers (zankou) wrote,
The Zankou Brothers

2 and a half men made me cry, twice.

That's really all there is to it. I mean I can't stand canned laughter and all, but this episode hit real close to home.

For those of you who don't know, the show is about an uptight father who is separated from his wife (she has become a lesbian). The man has custody (or perhaps partial custody) of his son. Also, he lives with his laid-back single, ladies man, struggling musician brother. It's sort of Odd Couple with a twist.

So the struggling musician brother unwittingly volunteers to help out with music for the 4th grade play. He's supposed to play the piano and his brother and the brother's separated wife write the music. Anyway, the brother/ father is hoping to win back his wife, and on the morning of the first day of rehearsal he receives divorce papers in the mail. He is furious, and at the rehearsal, he pulls his wife into the hallway and they start fighting. The struggling musician (who says that he hates kids) is left to watch the kids. Meanwhile his nephew, the son of the arguing couple, says, "They're fighting again aren't they?" The uncle says that it will be ok, and addresses the class. He tells them to sit, then stand, and he sort of gets a kick out of it. Then the kids turn on him and start to tease him. The nephew defends him and says that he's cool because he wrote the ____ song (some commercial jingle). The kids don't believe him, so he sits behind the piano and begins to play it.

He sings the first word and the kids instantly start to sing along, and he is shocked. That moment absolutely killed me. The little voices completely gratifying him. It's like two of my obsessions in one; gratification for one's music that one has written, and the sound of a chorus of enthusiastic children. I didn't see it coming, but I got instant goosebumps and tears.

Later on, at the house, the nephew approaches the uncle and has a really touching conversation with him. The uncle asks the kid if he's sad about his parents. The kid says no. The uncle says that it's ok to be sad and that the kid's dad is obviously sad. The kid says that his dad isn't sad. The uncle insists that his is. The kid says he didn't seem sad. The uncle said something to the effect of "Of course he's sad. he's just trying to protect you... from being sad." The kid seems to understand and walks into the other room where his father greets him with a forced smile and a "how's it going buddy?" The kid just gives him a big unexpected hug. Then he walks away without saying a word because the hug said it all. It said, I feel for you and I'm hear for you. That also killed me.

My parents are happily married and all, but something there really got to me.

holy shit.
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