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My response to some whack crap.

The only emails I get from these folks are advertising shows, which is fine with me. I usually don't even open them, but this one was titled, " A request to help out a proven good neighbor"  I thought it might be a friend in legal trouble or a guy with no insurance who had a serious accident. So I opened it. Below is their email and my response. I unsubscribed after sending my message. 

--- On Wed, 9/17/08, The Bowery Presents <> wrote:
From: The Bowery Presents <>
Subject: A request to help out a proven good neighbor
Date: Wednesday, September 17, 2008, 8:05 PM


Dear Friends:


I am asking that you please forward the following email to TRAV200008@hotmail.comto help support a new restaurant that plans to open near The Bowery Ballroom. The restaurant, named Travertine, will be located at 19 Kenmare Street (near Elizabeth Street) in part of the space that was occupied by Charlie's Clam House. We want to encourage new, well-managed restaurants to open in the community so that our guests will have a place to eat both before and after shows. The Community Board has requested that Travertine show its widespread community support through letters or by having supporters attend the Community Board meeting tomorrow evening 96 pm at SEIU HQ, 101 Sixth Avenue, 22nd floor, between Canal and Spring Streets). If you are able to attend, the Community Board leadership is merely going to ask supporters of Travertine's liquor license application to stand up or show their hands (this should take no more than an hour).

Thank you,

Michael Swier

Following is the email that you can either cut-and-paste or revise and send via email to the email address stated above:

Mr. Ray Lee

Chair, SLA Committee, Manhattan Community Board 2

3 Washington Square Village, NYC, NY 10012

Dear Mr. Lee,

I am writing to ask you and CB2 to support the application by Travertine (19 Kenmare Street) for a liquor license. I look forward to the opening of a well-managed, quality dining option in my neighborhood. The location has been a restaurant for many years and the owners of Travertine should be allowed to open at this site, create jobs, pay taxes, and improve the neighborhood.

I hope that you will encourage your fellow board members to approve the application on Thursday, September 18.




This email was sent to you by The Bowery Presents, 156 Ludlow St., 5th Floor, New York, NY 10002. You are receiving this email advertisement because your email address was used for a ticket purchase or you signed up via our website. You mayupdate your account preferences or unsubscribe through our website, or contact us



nader gets no news coverage, the cops preemptively arrest the i-witness video collective in St. Paul so that they can't document and thusly discourage police brutality, Democracy Now host and producers are assaulted and arrested by cops for covering protests at the RNC... and another bourgeois restaurant wants to open on the LES.

thanks for your help.

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