The Zankou Brothers (zankou) wrote,
The Zankou Brothers

Today's knuckle tattoo idea: "FUCK THAT"

 Listen up y'all!

So you're in college and you're thinking, "I guess I can get a job if I finish school." So what's your plan? Finish school with a positive attitude cuz you aren't just there to get a job but to learn (even though you know damn well that your friends can lend you more books than you will ever be able to read and they can engage you in more fascinating discussions than your professors and classmates ever will, and you can learn more from wikipedia and the radio than you can from any peer reviewed databases and library stacks). Then you'll get a job. But then again, you might have to go to grad school because in America grad school is the new high school as far as being able to get and/or keep a real job with benefits and a salary etc. So ok, you might have to go to grad school and work at the same time, and you might have to take a day off work to meet your advisor and be told what paper work you need to get together in order to be able to register for next semester, and you might be thousands behind in payments, so you try to finance your shit, but you walk into the wrong door at the aid office, and you take a number and sit just so that they can give you a piece of paper with a website on it, so you go to the library but the website forgets your password. then you create a new account and they want to know exactly how many dollars you owe, and you don't know the answer to that question, and you don't know any way to find that information, and by the way you owe tens of thousands in undergrad loans, and in the meantime you are in the school library trying to do an assignment that was due last week on a topic that you don't give a shit about that has nothing to do with your job or anything, and that you simply don't have the resources/ expertise to begin to take step one in doing this assignment, and John Lennon died 30 years ago today and all you want to do is blow off the assignment and the two bullshit classes you have this afternoon and go to the park and sing with the people there, but you can't because that would mean failing your classes, losing your certification, your job, your house, your life. 

Well, beats working at a grocery store just tryin to make enough to pay the rent right?

No. It doesn't. 

Drop the fuck out now and work at the grocery store.

BTW please comment if you still have LJ and remind me who you are so I know.
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